Electronic duo Syntonics is Barbi C (vocals/production) and Mitchell Anthony Gomes a.k.a. Teezdale & Cryogenetic (production/turntables/talkbox/vocals). From booty-bass ghetto beats and old school jungle vibes, to new wave synths with freestyle hooks and edits, their productions capture elements of both past and future soundscapes while maintaining a classic appeal.  Based out of Toronto, they own and operate the digital music label Intellegenix.




Cryogenetic a.k.a Teezdale, one half of electronic duo syntonics, began producing electronic music in the mid 90’s and has produced over 20 full length albums under numerous guises. Founder of the record label “INTELLEGENIX” He strives to push new sounds while maintaining a classic appeal. In 2002,  DJ Godfather’s Detroit label “TWILIGHT 76” released his E.P  “COMPLEX CITIES” bringing his underground status to a more international level.



One fateful night, after experiencing the energy of the pulsating dance music pouring out of the speakers at a rave at the Ontario Science Centre, Terror Tone was gripped with a compelling urge to explore the depths of electronic music for himself. He started producing drum & bass music and went on to host a radio show at the University of Windsor, which went on to win titles in both “best new show” and “best electronic show” at the CJAM Radio awards in 2006.
His love for Drum and Bass quickly evolved to other genres in the rave scene to what is now quite a broad range of styles. Sitting at the computer for hours with his essentials: Cubase, multiple synths, and loads of coffee – Terror Tone churns out unparalleled original beats at a pace that would intimidate most.

Pulling influence from Drum & Bass, U.K Garage, and Dubstep – Terror Tone has created a sound reminiscent of the past, but in a refreshing, innovative style all his own. The arpeggiatted bass wobbles, fear inducing synth stabs, and intricately woven percussion, invoke an old school rave nostalgia.

From his productions, it’s clear that he doesn’t hold back – but instead indulges in every parameter available. His dedication to music is unrivaled: a true slave to his passion, Terror Tone’s social life often takes the back seat to his work. That’s not to say that when he’s out he isn’t having a good time though. Terror Tone’s, better known to his friends as Luke, is highly approachable, admirably optimistic, and loves to share his love of music with everyone.

Keep it locked to to stay updated on his latest productions and gigs!

**Much love to Kaleigh for that bio!!





Sonic 86 are 2 guys from Dublin Ireland who first crossed paths through aquaintances and strook up a friendship over their love of everything electronic. They began playing in clubs around the city hosting their own night bringing techno to the masses and playing on a pirate radio station in a toolshed in someones back garden. They are relatively new to the production game and began twisting knobs and turning dials in 2008 trying to ammalgamate their love for the hard sound championed by the likes of all time heroes Dave Clarke and Jeff Mills with the infectious party vibes of a Dj Godfather joint and the foundation rumbling bass tones of Si Begg. They understand how the current music climate works and where it seems to be heading too, and embrace genres from the past and mix them with current trends to create a new style that as yet has no name. Sonic 86 have recently signed to ON THE BRINK fo 2 remixes as well as  releasing original material and remixes with INTELLEGENIX. The two have recently collaberated with Syntonics and Dj Nasty.



Toronto hip-hop electro duo 84.85 rock parties. It could be in a converted autobody shop, a sweaty basement or on a club stage, but it’s guaranteed to hit you with fist pumping lyrics, drop it to the floor baselines and break your neck drums. One-way or another, they will move the crowd and they will rock the party.

Jay84 and Cass started making music together while attending Carleton University in Ottawa. After months of carving out a vintage hip-hop sound, the pair realized that their influences were far more wide ranging than they were giving themselves credit for. After remixing all of their existing songs for a dance party, 84.85 realized where they had gone wrong: they weren’t having enough fun yet. Nobody listens to one thing anymore. Punks bump hip-hop, and hip-hop kids blast electro. 84.85 are no different. They make music to pay homage to their influences.

After almost a year of pounding the streets of Toronto with their graduated sound, 84.85 have made a name for themselves as tear-the-club-up party starters. They’ve played alongside Nadastrom, Stretch Armstrong, Jokers of the Scene, and Peer Pressure to name only a few. Jay and Cass are currently rocking parties and blowing speakers around Toronto and working hard on new material.




Vim Cortez, born and raised in France, grew up in the eighties. He started playing in bands in his late teens and explored various styles, from punk rock to funk. He finally reconnected with his inner child to (re)create his own musical playground, and cites Prince, Michael Jackson, the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding, and the 60s Motown sound as his main influences, while his sound ranges from electrofunk to synthpop.


Dublin based producer/dj first started producing under the name Pad-1. Inspired by acts on Warp records such as Autechre, Aphex Twin began writing minimal left field electronic music a collection of these tracks is available on the Irish based !Kaboogie label as the 22 e.p for free download. After getting deep into the sounds of Grime, Dupstep, 2 step he changed his name to Teishi-1 and started producing tracks influenced by these exciting new sounds from the UK as well as his love of Old School Rave, Breakbeat and many other forms of electronic music. His debut e.p Jekyll was released on Intellegenix in November 2009. His third e.p Aka Beat was released on Intellegenix in April 2010. Apart from producing ,Teishi has been found lurking around such beat ports as (the sadly missed) Mcgruders,Bernard Shaw and RiRa and slingin his trade for promoters and events like A$QUAKE, !Kaboogie,The Nice Up, Cityfest, and DEAF (Dublin Electronic Arts Festival) He run’s a monthly club night in Dublin’s Twisted Pepper called Bump Dub! Showcasing a variety of electronic sounds.




“My passion for electro started back in the 80`s when I was 9 years old. exactly 1984 , with the breakdance fever. I had my first tape with newcleus,shannon,grandmaster flash,jonzun crew. damn, that was so different to all I ever heard before! in the late 80`s I was more into that hip hop thang and I started to write my first rhymes. rappin over instrumental beats from ice t and public enemy. 1992 I bought my first mixer.  I started that mixing and scratching thang. I never had enough money to buy me some professional equipment. so I had to cut and sample with two simple tapedecks. in 2001 i did my first steps with digital sampling on the playstation with the music 2000. In 2004 I started to produce electro beats with fruity loops. I still work with fruity loops to this day.”







Mind Transit is a producer/remixer from Toronto, mainly inspired by the Old Skool UK Rave scene, as well as current Rave Breaks, Hardcore Breaks and J-Tek.

MT bounces between ’90s samplers and keyboards to simple editing and mastering software to create a sound that is at the same time current and classic.

The projects and remixes have been receiving fantastic press from Juno Download, and Track It Down among others, and are appearing in DJ playlists around the world.

MT is currently chucking out tracks and remixes like nobody’s business, and will continue well into the forseeable future.



After playing in separate bands and dabling with experimental electronic productions during high school, Filip Janos and Kolter Marles traded in their guitars for a piano roll, and left the mosh pit in favor of the late night, high-energy, dance party scene.

Officially joining forces in late 2009 Filip Janjos and Kolter Marles are better known to the masses of Toronto’s house crowd as “Gooffee”. The production duo is all about the vibe, churning out Dutch and Big Room sounds that will make you pump your fist, move your feet, and leave you whistling for days.



Mr. Gameways first release on Intellegenix, “Interpretations of Modern Electronic Dance Music Vol. II” features sonic sculptures crafted sometime around 2004.  Influenced by various electronic dance music genres including the works of Aphex Twin, Square Pusher, and Autechre, Mr. Gameways is also interested in all forms of music and other aspects of life and transcendental teachings.  These selections are meant to represent the abstract assortment and collage of thoughts as a window into his unconscious mind.  Incredible programming, abstract rhythmic flows and meticulous
sequencing progressions make this album a true work of art.

__________________________________________________________________________________ (Todd Douglas Schlattman) also known as (yonge professional) has had an ongoing experience as a musician throughout his life.  Attending music school from age 4 to 12 playing the classical violin where he learned writing and theory, then spending 6 years learning the backbones of production from the industry’s top instructors.  His music is experimental, with hard driving baselines to simple tech beats.  This debut release “Let It Bleed” from will be the first of many.





Pip’s world is where music and soul are vulnerable to technology. She is a musical innovator. Pip’s energy is infectious, her personality magnetic. Pip captures the masses.

“Pip embodies music on every level, a track and melody maker, singer,  songwriter, producer,  dj. She is a musical artist.

Pip has been making music since the late 90’s. She has carved out her style. She is sultry. Her music is cool with driving club beats. Her voice is unique.

As a producer Pip has worked with talents from across the Canadian Indie Music scene. Pip writes about love and relationships, the unmentionable and the desirable. As a writer she doesn’t believe in creative blocks. Music creation flows from Pip like water from a tap.

Experience PIP Live in the dark on a cordless mic in the middle of a dance floor or dead centre on stage under the lights. Each performance is custom built.




Drumatix Six was born in the Steel City; his Papa was a Steel man. His style of electro-industrial music was sculpted at an early age by his hometown of Hamilton’s industrial landscape of burning smoke stacks and flashing lights. D6’s last album Neighbourhood Threat was listed on’s recommended Electro downloads for February, 2010. D6 has been praised as being “better than most of the Electro you can find coming out on wax from internationally respected labels” ~ Exclaim Magazine.

Drumatix Six’s latest EP, I Sold My Soul For ROBOT CONTROL, features remixes by Snuff Crew and Darank. I Sold My Soul For ROBOT CONTROL resonates like a warning beacon echoing it’s signal, from the future, through time and space. The album features experiments with noise, cold bleak strings paired with distorted bass guitar, overdriven electric violin and taunting lyrics, creating a soundtrack for the downfall of civilization as we know it. Let’s sit back and enjoy the ride.

Drumatix Six’s musical roots began in punk, he formed and played bass for Sector Seven.  D6 was introduced to electronic music during the heady days of the 90s and traded his bass guitar for a TR-606 DRUMATIX and started programming his first electro beats. He sought new sounds and found solace in the Electro coming out of Detroit.  Bringing these electro records back to Toronto and Hamilton he was met by much resistance from the techno hierarchy of that era. However he persevered and became an electro pioneer in clubs around Ontario playing at his own nights and trying to sway the crowds away from the largely techno and house sounds pumping through the clubs at that time.  In 1999 through a twist of fate and one mixed tape handed in to a record store, he was asked to play an opening slot for Dj Digital and was also introduced to Intellegenix record label owner Cryo.  Cryo and Drumatix became instant allies and soldiers for the Electro onslaught that was soon to come, Djing and playing live at hundreds of parties, as well as organizing shows with acts like Dj Godfather, Legowelt, and Orgue Electronique.

A few years back some personal hardships nearly killed Drumatix Six and left him in a bad state with no ability to work on his true love of writing new rhythms and soundscapes.  Never one to go down without a fight, he overcame these battles and rose triumphantly. Stronger and wiser than ever before, he rebuilt, Street Thunder Studios, and started recording his new EP Neighbourhood Threat for Intellegenix.  After the release of Neighbourhood Threat, Drumatix Six’ life started overflowing with request for remixes, and offers from international record labels.

Since the beginning of 2010 Drumatix Six has released two EP’s; Neighbourhood Threat and the more recent I Sold My Soul For ROBOT CONTROL. The attention that was garnered by Neighbourhood Threat, allowed D6, to release 8 remixes this year for amazing artist like SNUFF CREW (DJ gigolo & Immunity), PROTOTYPE (Battery Park), as well as SYNTONICS, TERRROR TONE AND BRAKEMONSTER (Intellegenix).




Minhaj Hossain has been listening to Electronic Music for as long as he can remember. Born in 1988, Minhaj and his family moved to Canada around age 6. There he started watching Electric Circus on TV and started to listen to the radio which allowed him to fall in love with electronic music.  In 2005, Minhaj and a friend picked up Cubase and completely their first track together under the moniker, Nightscape.  Their biggest influence was on older tracks from 1998-2001.  The two went there separate ways and Minhaj later started his new project, Blue Neptune.  He released his first EP under the ambient digital label, Silk Sofa.  Since then, he has been incorporating his ambient style along with house and techno music.





Times Neue Roman rock with a general tone and attitude of teenage immortality. Comprised of an award winning poet, Arowbe Arowbe Arowbe (Robert Bolton) and composer, Alexander The, TNR’s peerless ‘one of one’ sound has been called “nintendo-punk-rap,” and “post-rap” (although the band prefers “Rap Deco”) by media and supporters. Recent web and print media coverage includes: Disco Belle, Salacious Sounds, Winnie Cooper, 1LOVETO, Perfect Porridge, Chart Attack, NOW Magazine, NXEW, Exclaim!, Format Magazine, Montreal Mirror, CTV, Sound Pollution, CoCo and Lowe.



BeatBurrito is the collaboration between the reclusive savant Peter Huang and gentleman extrordinaire Dan Haid. Together this deadly-duo served up a tasty blend of synth driven progressive house and more recently, artsy electo house. In April 2010, BeatBurrito won the Heineken X Hot Chip Remix contest, and were granted the opportunity to open for Hot Chip with the Fran Discos at Wrongbar in Toronto – “We got dozens of quality submissions, but this one had the combination of flawless mixing, big drops, and interesting tune that we were looking for.” -Cal,’s debut EP was solely produced by Dan Haid. The EP, simply titled ‘BEATBURRITO’, was influenced by Haid’s passion for Progressive House and Indie Dance. BeatBurrito’s second EP ‘Back In Black’ was solely produced by Pete Huang and has 1 remix by Gooffee. Huang took a dirtier electro house approach for this EP, but blended it with soulful world flavors.




You might know DVW from his mixtape series called “FUCK YEAH”, from a production that made its way to top music blogs or from one of his DJ appearances. While DVW has been DJing and producing for quite a while now, it got pretty serious since 2009 when he became a resident at Switzerland’s legendary Wasserwerk Club.

Regularly playing in front of an over-excited crowd teaches you a lot, for example finding club hits before everyone knew they were. Playing on a beach in India or at a police raided warehouse party in Sweden certainly didn’t damage DVW’s skills either.

The next step after discovering dancefloor fillers is actually creating them, and just that is the next big thing on DVW’s list. He’s now aiming to overtake the world’s clubs with his own tracks.

Since 2009, he has had the honour to support acts such as: Midnight Juggernauts, Danger, The Proxy, Stereo MCs (DJ Set), Don Rimini, Data, Princess Superstar, Make The Girl Dance, Solange La Frange, Fagget Fairys, Cyberpunkers, Acid Kids, Moullinex & Xinobi, Malente, Sexinvaders and many more.



Da  GobliNN was resurrected from the depths of rhythm in 2009.  He had been making people move and be moved since 1992.  Years prior would be spent in moments of imagined flight with his head between the speakers, listening to moms disco albums.   Even at the tender age of twelve, he crafted the act of separating the channels, on the tape deck of his stereo.  Little GobliNN would then split rhythms recorded from different records, spinning them forward and backward.  This amazed him as he created his own little pieces of innovative sound.

When it came time, he got busy making music with his first four track and Ensonique sampler with an old Korg synthesizer (later used akai mpcs, other keyboards like  Nord Lead) than computers.   Still having to endure high school, he cut his first demo.  To his amazement it was picked up by Dave Rave Ogilvie from Skinny Puppie who worked with Nine Inch Nails.  Trent ReZnor himself listened to Da GobliNNs demo and loved it.  As life sometimes gets in the way, the merger at the record label put a hold on his career at that time.

Over the years he released several fantastic demos.  Many of his tracks were played and enjoyed on college radio.  Princess Superstar noticed his talent and he played keyboard for her.  It was very inspiring for him to be picked up and supported by Felix Da Housecat.   Numerous years were spent fostering his talents in the studio, with the pleasure of working with several accomplished artists, such as; Dee Dee Ramone, Chriss Speding, Bedouin Soundclash, and Jackalope.  While working on those remixes, he enjoyed playing keyboard for Treble Charger, Dave Rave Ogilvie and countless others.

Even as the Goblin was still not yet singed, he then got picked up by BugEyed records in 2005 and released Prty Prty Grrl, which was supported all over the world under the name Hop Frogg.  The GobliNN has never given up his ability to create music that is relevant then and now.  Today he is so thrilled with the direction music is going.  It’s a dream come true for him to hear wonderful inspired new sounds everywhere!



Dj Kyabu (Ivan Fialho),  is a Kuduro/House  music Dj/Producer based in Toronto Canada, that has been Djing since 1995.

Dj Kyabu’s rich multicultural background has influenced him with a rich melange of organic musical styles, that were entrenched at an early age in the suburbs of Lisbon, Portugal where he grew up.

The South West African sounds of Angola were the first musical pandora  in which Dj Kyabu began to draw his influences from, either from early Semba Albums the  Angolan music genre predecessor of Brazilian Samba, or from Zouk , a rhythm from the French Antilles( Guadeloupe & Martinique) popularized in the early 80’s In the Portuguese and French African Diaspora.

These genres, along with  House music , were embraced by Dj Kyabu, as his  music of choice, resulting in his  fusion musicality so evident in his Producing, or in his Dj work.

If witnessing him live Djing, Dj Kyabu will make sure that the crowd experiences, his Musical journey, by blending from House to Samba  to Kuduro all in a mind shifting, organic but edgy manner that certainly will make you dance,

and feel like all this different sounds compliment each other marvelously.



An attempt at bipolar beats… Toronto bred producer/dj, Vlsonn, mixes a brand of left field club music which relies heavily on analogue drum machines, deep, cutting bass and modular synth leads. Infusing house, miami bass and grime, his productions range from 120 – 140 bpm, mimicking his dj mixes.



When not teaching kids about safe sex, the philthkids spend their time on music related ventures. On the production side of things,we have Cherrie Poppinz and Teddy Shuckles who make electronic music fringing on the lines of booty and uk-funky.  Formally hip-hop guys, tracks are sometimes sample driven and occasionally contain lyrics from either Cherrie Poppinz or his alter ego Rapscalion.  Representing Philthkids on the DJ front we have the Tag-Team of Teddy Shuckles and Dfrag, and more members living elsewhere in Canada.  Dfrag however is responsible for most of the mixtapes, since Teddy is usually doing other stuff (cough cough).




MicroControlUnit was founded recently in 2009, however Steven was experimenting with electronic music since the age of 15. Always fascinated with synthesizers & drum machines, he would later discover the electrofunk genre. When he came to a point he discovered artists such as Dynamix II, Bass Junkie, Boris Divider, AS1, etc.  he knew electro was the path he wanted to take. Unfortunately, there was not a big fan base for “robot-type-electro” where he resided; only a small underground scene. Though stubborn as he is, he’s still continuing to proceed in this mission of reaching as many people as he possibly can.




An avid noise bender a la circuit bending and sound destruction Coi has always been on the other side of music creation; more like music destruction. With his buddy Dr. Explosion Face he has been destroying speak & spells, furby’s and anything that can make a squeak all the while recording it all on mini-disc. With a huge back catalog of experimental music Coi is poised to unleash some serious soundscapes and weirdness to the masses. Co-Owner and program director of Coi promotes bass and dance music on a regular basis and is always looking for fresh dj’s to spin on his station. A user of Ableton since version 3 he enjoys long sessions of midi-synced beat creation with Dr. Explosion Face. Don’t leave your furby around the house when Coi comes by lest you want it to sound like a gremlin the next time your child plays with it.


Through good friends over the years he was introduced to synthesizers and computer music software and hardware. In his late teens, he obtained a copy of sound edit 16 for mac and started creating music. Not long after that the name The Junglegenius was created. At the end of high school, he obtained a pc and started building a workstation of my own instead of taking up space on my parents’ mac. Always playing around with official titles for his work to be made under and came up with Bloody-L. —-Time passes—- In the summer of 2007, he met DJ and producer C.O.I. and was introduced to Dubstep. At the time he thought it was a pleasant departure from Jungle and started to persue an interest the music. Within that year he composed two dubstep pieces; his first being an unofficial remix of “Gimme ‘di Weed”, and the second being a more traditionally dubby piece aptly titled “Dubb-E”. The Next year at the same time he met Jawbone, who gave him some positive feedback on the tunes, which in turn encouraged him to keep it up. However it wasn’t until after finishing up a few of his unfinished jungle tunes, a crazy newyears party and making the Dubslingers Wednesdays at Thymeless a regular event for himself, that he really started to get into dubstep. Since then he has finished a few more of his own pieces and one collaboration with C.O.I.. Most recently C.O.I. and Bloody L have decided to form a partnership under the name “3rd Person”… Watch Out!



Adam McCluskey aka Big Blocks is a Toronto native dj/producer. He grew up with his hands and feet on the body of a guitar but left that part of his life for the big leagues which Toronto was and is so famous for, the electronic music scene. He began producing in 2008 and has since won a remix competition at Toronto’s own well known blog, SalaciousSound for Barletta’s original, Panther; and has released his first ep entitled, ‘BWA’ on Jexonex which features a remix by none other than the man himself, Barletta. Much of Big Blocks’ most recent music can be sampled on various blogs such as, as well as NZ-based blog, As he churns out beats week after week, his name and sound only has room to grow, and so it will. Big Blocks is ready to release his first single, entitled, ‘Motion’ featuring remixes by some of Toronto’s own heavy hitters on Intellegenix this fall, as well as his second single, entitled, ‘Deep’ on Jexonex shortly after. Keep an eye out for Big Blocks as he also slaps the scene with some hard dubstep in the near future.


German Born DJ/Producer Nick Wicked first started DJin at 10 years
old and quickly began battling his peers withing 2 years.
Realizing his strengths in his craft by the age of 17,he decided to
expand his horizons to production when he got his first music machine,
the mighty MPC 2000.With his machines he began craeting the anthems
adored by dancefloors from Miami to the UK.
Nick has also been successfull at holding multiple residencies in
his area,and contributed to the founding of,
Miami Electrobass Network,as well as supported by many respected
agencies and producers across the planet Earth.
He has dedicated over 15 years of his life supporting electro and
contributed his talents in thousands of remixes,clubs,raves,
underground fetish parties,and hundreds of studio's.
After taking a brief hiatus to reflect on his positive path,
a friend recommended it was time for the wicked one to
release the bass beast within him that has slept for so long...


Iron Horse (a.k.a. Marc de Breyne/ Sultan Peppa) is not only a talented producer but also owns and runs his own label, PAWN SHOP RECORDS.  His musical taste is quite diverse, and his DJ style ranges from downbeat space disco to electro-funk and rippin’ house.
Production wise, he has been hacking away for more than a decade, and has put out a few nuggets over this span. He has been honoured to remix Miguel Graca, Tomas Andersson, Eddie C, Nate Wize, Jonah K, DJ Shine, Mathieu James, 3, Jacques C, Rayko, and Alkatraz.

His releases have been supported by DJ Harri, Makossa, Muallem, Jacques P. Renault (Runaway), Q Burns Abstract Message, Rune Lindbæk, Dirt Crew, Noah Pred, Discoscience, DJ Wehbba, Jeremy P. Caufield, My Favourite Robot, Matt Masters, James Teej, Sasse, Joe DiPadova, Dolan Bergin (Electric Minds), Tomas Andersson, Jacques C, Steve Yanko, Gene King, Lars Behrenroth, Giom, City Soul Project, Mat Playford, Brett Lawrence, Mauricio Aviles, Pete Dafeet, Sin Plomo, Clarence, Baby G (of LSB), Rub N Tug, and many others.




GIGI D’AMICO is half Spanish and half Italian creative mind; a musician/producer/sound engineer
and a fashion trend-setter, born in Catania, Sicily. His career started
at just 14 years old working on various local radio stations, then moving onto
DJing in clubs (Genesi Portorosa-Me) where he performed for many years as a
musically innovative DJ.
It was at this time, influenced by the sound of his city, he started playing live;
singing and playing guitar in various local bands. This brought him to open
the ‘Magna Sound Studio’. In 1995 he began his sound engineer career, studying
at Centro Professione Musica whist working as a sound engineer, touring in
support of international artists including Tom Harrel, Tonino Horta, Rickie Lee
Jones, Gloria Gaynor, Temptation, Kool & the gang, Blonde Redhead, Warmers,
and Uzeda.
Over the years he has written and performed a plethora of music (Beatle Juice,
Somersault). In 2003 D’Amico moved to London where he completed a BA
in Commercial Music, specializing in production and the music business at
Westminster University. In 2007 he started collaboration with Dented Records
(Foreign Beggars). In 2008, he collaborated with Kudos Records and the next
year with Paul “trouble” Arnold at FAT! Records and Chew the Fat! Immersed
in these international collaborations, he created Dark London records; its brand
creating the Breaktro music concept. The label combines his extensive DJing
experience with a researched sound and composition, mixed with passion and
Since returning to Italy in 2010, he has started two new amazing adventures; one
on the fashion side, designing a collection of handmade shoes: Ogshoes, and
on the other, going back to his first love: the radio; He produced ||Space Is The
Place||.The radio mix show soon made a great impact and has gained plaudits
from the Electro worldwide movement. Over the years he has developed a live
performance which pushes the boundary of technology into a musical blend
of electro, tech and break, warped into an acid bassline. All his live shows are
famous for the great energy generated by an electric bass, vocals and vocoder.
In the same year he moved to Barcelona, starting a fresh collaboration with the
new Common People, a crew focused on new music events experiences. Gigi
is also producing music for media and short movies. Gigi is a singer, a DJ, a
photographer and a cook, an artist trying to define and express his individual
style in every single ordinary action. ——- With love and grace!


Cultivating a unique signature style built over the last decade and applied over multiple genres and projects, Chris Komus is a multi-talented and eclectic electronic music producer from Winnipeg, Canada. He focuses on symphonic cinematic dark brooding dubstep (With releases on Lick The Wrap Records, and upcoming releases on Monkey Dub Recordings and Intellegenix Records), and glitchy esoteric tech-house and everything in between (with a release on Communique Records). As his psychedelic alter-ego, Lo Progression, the focus is on melodic melancholic driving progressive psytrance.

The past year has proven to be a busy year with the dubstep release “Burn Down The Plywood Empire” peaking in Juno Download’s Dubstep Top 200 from Lick The Wrap Records, an EP release as Komus & Ridley (A collaboration with Alex Ridley) on renowned techno label Communique Records, as well as upcoming releases on Monkey Dub Recordings and Intellegenix Records. On top of nearly biweekly gigs in Winnipeg, this past year he’s performed both Live PA and DJ sets in Montreal, Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Regina, with Motion Notion 2010 (AB) and Entheos Gathering 2010 (BC) on the summer festival circuit.

He has opened for artists such as Infected Mushroom, Hallucinogen, Vibe Tribe, Beats Antique, Deedrah, Sensient, Excision, Datsik, and Ill.Gates.

Chris Komus is also involved in pushing the psychedelic and dubstep sounds as co-promoter and resident DJ of BassFace Productions and Winnipeg Psychedelic Productions, the premier crews in Winnipeg currently promoting dubstep and psychedelic trance.



Gobby Z has been thrilling raves and clubs as a top DJ and MC for over
a decade. By 2003, as Gobstoppa, he was taking bookings across North
America, while also holding residencies with two of the continent’s
legendary promoters, Hullabaloo! and Goodfellaz. The crown of North
America’s top hardcore MC was his until he died a tragic death in
2006. Fortunately for us Gobs rose from the dead to take over the
stage as Gobs The Zombie. Since then, no dancefloor has been safe from
his insatiable appetite for bass, beats and brains.


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